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The National Union Museum

The National Museum of Unification in Alba Iulia is one of the finest in Romania.
The museum is host in a building originally built for military purpose, Babilon Building dates since the half of the 19th century (1851-1853).
Since 1968 the building has became the headquarters of the Unification National Museum.
Its two floors and over 100 rooms host the basic exhibition, the warehouse, and the library and restorations laboratories.

This establishment was founded in 1887 and it occupies two important buildings in the middle of the City: The Babilon Building, built up in 1851 and The Unification Hall Building, built up in 1906.
The museum exhibits over 130000 pieces of priceless works included in its patrimony, starting with a pre-historia section, then Dacian-Roman and feudal sections, the great battles with the Turks, the Revolution in 1848, the Unification of the Principalities in 1859, the Unification of Transylvania with Romania, etc.
The Unification Hall was highlightened in 1895 as the Military Casino of the Garrison in Alba Iulia, but its distinctive historical signification is given by the fact that it hosted, on the First of December 1918, the Rally of the 1228 Romanian delegates from all Transylvania, who decided the Unification of this ancient province with Romania.

Address: Str. Mihai Viteazul 12-14, Tel. 813300

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