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During the Middle Ages but also in the modern times, Alba Iulia was known as an eventful town, having an important role in the social and political life of Transylvania.
From a tourist point of view the city holds pride of place. There are many places of interest but the Citadel is undoubtedly the most important one.
The Roman Catholic Cathedral can be found here. It is the oldest and most valuable monument of architecture in Transylvania. The Reunification Cathedral stands next to it and symbolizing the Romanian people's idea of unity
The First of December, the Romanian National Holiday, is a suitable time for promoting the touristy potential of the city inside the country and abroad

The Citadel, built between 1715 and 1738 on the site of previous fortifications of the Roman Castrum of the 13th Legion Gemina ..
The Alba Iulia Orthodox Cathedral, is symbolizing the romanian people's idea of unity since 1922.


Alba Iulia municipality is situated in an appealing territory, and traveler is warmly hosted here. The touristic potential of the area is mirrored by the numerous traces of millenary history, by its architecture and art, by the variety and beauty of nature.
Even since ancient times Alba`s territory has been a heart of human civilization. Indeed, Romanian specific traditions and customs have always been a great temptations for Romanian and foreign tourists.
Some touristic offers have been financed through EU projects such as: "Alba Iulia-The Gate to the Wine Citadel", and the "Hunting circuit on Sebes valley" - pattern projects that managed to certify about 82 guest houses which can provide accommodation for 370 tourists
The Roman Catholic Cathedral is the oldest and most valuable monument of architecture in this part of the country
The Bishop Palace, The Bathyaneum library, Apor Palace, Roman Camp, Princely Palace
This establishment was founded in 1887 and it occupies two important buildings in the middle of the City.
It was here where the session of the great national Assembly took place, on the 1st December 1918.
The Losenau and Custozza monuments, the Equestrian Statue and the bas-relief dedicated to Michael the Brave, The Obelisk
Tourist objective unique in Europe, the Route of the Three Fortifications offers the visitors the opportunity of a journey in time

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