Head of local administration



Telefon: 0258 819462 int.202
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Graduated of Industrial Chemistry University, Timisoara.

Ramnicu Valcea Chemistry Factory;
RESIAL SA Alba Iulia - Production manager

Personal info :
Born on the 26th of December 1956 in Oradea, jud. Bihor;
Married with two children;
President of Alba County branch of the National Liberal Party;

Paul Voicu

VICE-MAYOR: Paul Voicu

Telefon: 0258 819462 int.203
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Horea, Closca and Crisan" College in Alba Iulia, Mathematics-Physics ;
School of Engineering, Timisoara

Alba Iulia City Hall -Vice-mayor;
Centrala de Zona- General Manager;
Termorep SA- Manager;
Frigorifer Alba Iulia - Engineering Manager Personal info:
Born on the 17th of December 1962 in Sandra, Timis county; Married, two children;

Hobby: literature, travelling, music.

Foreign languages: English

Pleşa Gabriel Codru

VICE-MAYOR: Pleşa Gabriel Codru

Telefon: 0258 819462 int.204
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Horea, Closca and Crisan" College in Alba Iulia, Mathematics-Physics;
School of Engineering Cluj-Napoca;
PhD in sociology at Bucharest Academy of Economic Sciences

VIVA SRL - Administrator

Personal info:
Born on the 11 December 1966 in Alba Iulia;

Hobby: music, sports, philately, history;

Foreign languages: English;

Moldovan Nicolaie

PUBLIC MANAGER: Moldovan Nicolaie


Tel.: 0372 586 428 int. 228

Contact E-mail: moldovan.nicolaie@gmail.com


1998 – 2002 Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, "Babes-Bolyai" University Cluj Napoca, Faculty of Political Science and Administration

2006 – 2008

Master’s Degree in Public Services Management, "1 Decembrie 1918" University Alba Iulia, Faculty of Sciences (http://www.uab.ro)


2012 - present
Public Administrator, Alba Iulia City Hall

2004 – 2012
Chief of Comunitarian Projects Service, Alba Iulia City Hall - Local Council, Department of Programmes

2008 – present
Project coordonator,  Alba Iulia Intercommunity Development Association

2003 - 2012
Project coordonator , Vicepresident, Executive Director, PAEM ALBA FOUNDATION

1997 – 2002
Operating Analyst, SC GHCL UPSOM Ocna Mureş SA

Personal info:

Born on 20 September 1976 in Ocna Mureș, jud. Alba. Married with one child.

Hobby: traveling, reading, philately.

Foreign languages: English

Jeler Marcel Valerian

SECRETARY: Jeler Marcel Valerian

Tel.: 0258 819462 int.205
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Has graduated Alba Iulia Law University in 1996;
Appointed by Prefecture in October 1997;

Personal info:
Born in Alba Iulia on the 8th of August 1962;
Married: two children;

Hobby: reading, sport;
Foreign languages: French