The Orthodox Cathedral

Catedrala Încoronării

COD LMI: AB-II-a-A-00128

Date(s) of Construction : 1921 - 1922

Built in 1921-1922, the Orthodox Cathedral, having Archangels Michael and Gabriel as titular saints, continues the thread of existence of the very important dwelling of Mihai Viteazul in Alba Iulia, representing the artistic expression of our national unification through the act of 1918, which took place in this city. Its architecture was inspired by the princely church in Târgovişte and it inscribes in the romantic current initiated in the Romanian art in the last decades of the past century, aiming to highlight the medieval artistic creation South of the Carpathians. The cathedral was built after the plans of architect Victor Gh. Ștefănescu. The painting inside is the work of master Costin Petrescu and the iconostasis was created by C. M. Babic and painter I. Norocea. The cathedral was erected in the middle of a rectangular precinct, bordered by four pavilions placed in the corners and connected between them by means of a gallery of open arcades. It was in this cathedral that King Ferdinand I and Queen Mary were crowned on October 15, 1922. In the inter-war period, the Southeast wing hosted the Military Clerks Inspectorate and the North-East wing sheltered the Museum of the Unification. In 1975 it becomes the Episcopacy chair, and later on, in 1998, the chair of the Romanian Orthodox Archbishopric in Alba Iulia.



No. 16, Mihai Viteazul Street


Monday-Saturday - 7 – 20

Sunday and legal holidays -7 – 20

Free admission