The Military Hospital

The Military Hospital

COD LMI: AB-II-m-B-00118

Date of construction: sec. XVIII

It is difficult to mention a date when the construction of the Military Hospital began. The building was first identified in the plans of K. Weiss dating from 1731 and 1736. It appears here as an L-shaped edifice, located at the base of Saint Michael’s bastion, recessed from the street alignment. During the next period, the hospital transformed into a U-shaped building with the short sides oriented towards the North, such as it is represented in the plans dating from 1849-1850, bearing the name of "Small Hospital" or the "Doctor’s House" (a one-storey building with a basement and a ground floor). The new hospital appears represented in the vicinity, being probably built at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the next one, named the "Big Hospital" or the "New Hospital" (a one-storey building with a basement and a ground floor). The two hospitals were apparently not sufficient from the point of view of the space they offered because for a short while, the former monastery of the Trinitarians also becomes a military hospital. During the siege of 1849 the wounded are taken care of in the space of the seminars.

In 1900 it is known under the name of the "Troop Hospital", but in 1903 it comes back to its separate names, that is the "Small Hospital" and the "large Military Hospital". On December 20, 1918 the hospital passes under the administration of the Romanian authorities. From January 1, 1920 and until the outbreak of World War II the hospital will function in its own spaces: the large Pavilion (the New Hospital), the Small Pavilion (the Old Hospital) and the Administrative Pavilion with its annexes. In 1932, within a solemn festivity, the Military Hospital in Alba Iulia will receive the name of the "General physician Dr. Carol Davilla Military Hospital". Besides the local garrison, the hospital will also serve 16 garrisons from the Alba County, the Hunedoara County and from Târnava Mare and for this reason the hospital underwent successive repair works and modernizations in 1927, 1930-1937 and 1940-1943.

Starting in 1945 and until today it unwinds its activity under the name of "The Neurology and Neuropsychiatry Hospital in Alba Iulia".

Location: No. 3, Nicolae Iorga Street.