The Custozza Monument

The Custozza Monument

COD LMI: AB-III-m-B-00403

Date of construction: 1906

The obelisk shaped monument was built in 1906 by the body of officers of the 50th Infantry Regiment of Alba Iulia in memory of the heroes, officers and soldiers, who perished in the battles of Vento and Oliosi, near Custozza, in the Austro-Italian war in 1866. A number of 10 officers and 123 soldiers were lost in this battle, 86 of them having died after the battle, because of wounds they received. The text on the foundation plates written in Romanian, Hungarian and German mentions the name of those killed, mainly Romanian soldiers and Austrian officers. One of the officers and 29 of the 36 soldiers killed on the battlefield were Romanians. The rest were Hungarian and Austrian. The monument is very well preserved at the present, having been rehabilitated in 2012.

Location: The western part of the square (the Citadel Square or the Custozza Park), behind the Unification Hall.