COD LMI: AB-II-m-B-00132

Date of construction: 1715 - 1736

Built on a series of buildings belonging to the era of the principality and incorporating fragments of them, the present-day edifices were built in the 18th century and had a military destination, in connection with the supply necessities of the troops found in the city garrison. In spite of the subsequent modifications, the buildings still include numerous architectural details belonging to different artistic eras. Following the restoration, the former storehouse hosts a spectacular medieval hotel. The building of the military commissariat is currently under rehabilitation and once the works are concluded, it will have a civilian use (it will host the offices of Alba County Council, an information center, an art gallery, a coffee shop, etc)

Locations of the storehouse

No. 2, Militari Street

The former Storehouse is a Medieval Hotel which can be visited

No entry fee.