The Lossenau Monument

The Lossenau Monument

COD LMI: AB-III-m-B-00404

Date of construction: 1860

The small, urn-shaped tower with niches for statues, pilasters, archivolts and floral motifs, illustrating the Neo-gothic in the citadel of Alba Iulia, was built in 1853 by the officers of the Habsburg army contingent stationed in the principality, in memory of Colonel Ludwig Losy von Losenau. He was the commander of the A3 Regiment and fell in the battle of Simeria (February 9, 1849), during the revolution in Transylvania. The monument is very well preserved at the present, having been rehabilitated in 2012.

Location: The Eastern side of the square (the Citadel Square or the Custozza Park), behind the Unification Hall.