The School Inspectorate of Alba County

The School Inspectorate of Alba County

COD LMI: AB-II-m-B-00102

Date of construction: sec. XIX-XX

The U-shaped plan building hosting at the present the School Inspectorate of Alba County, suffered major transformations in time. From a square or rectangular simple planimetric shape to the geometrical shape resembling the letter L and subsequently to the present day shape with a Northern wing far more prolonged that the Southern wing. The oldest part of the edifice is the Northern one, partially superposed on the precinct wall of the Roman castrum and the medieval city. The interior structure includes older components belonging to the 16th century, which may have been part of a series of nobiliary dwellings (the Pancrațiu Sennyei House) or of one of the Saxon guesthouses, both mentioned in the documents of that time. The simple versions of the planimetry originate from the second half of the 16th century and the next century. In the 18th century, the Northern body receives a new Baroque style façade, and subsequently, in 1823, it goes through the profound alterations which gave its present-day shape.

In 1736, the building was the residence of the Fortification Director, then the main Guard House, the Engineer’s House, the Corps of Engineers (1903), the Engineer Officers’ pavilion, the Prefecture (1939), and since 2002, it hosted the office of the School Inspectorate of Alba County.