The Franciscan Church

Biserica Franciscană

COD LMI: AB-II-a-B-00113

Date(s) of Construction : 1750 - 1770

The edifice was built between 1750 (1752) and 1770, first the altar and subsequently the nave. The Church appears in the city plans since 1771, as newly built. The building soon needed repair works (in 1819) in the time of Bishop Alexandru Rudnay. An inscription above the entrance attests the rehabilitation of the church in 1843, with the financial support of Bishop Myklós Kováts, after having suffered damages in a fire. The last important renovation took place in 1881 with the support of Bishop Mihály Fogarassy, the construction being affected by excessive dampness and it is then when it received its present day aspect. It is composed of three elements: the narthex, the nave and the altar, their superelevated dimension contrasting with the reduced proportions of the bell tower. The sanctums built in 1890 were demolished in 1980- 1985. A few baroque elements inside recall the old church. A statue of Saint John Nepomuk is still preserved in the present day monastery. The monastery was dissolved by the communist authorities and it was reestablished in 1990.