COD LMI: AB-II-m-A-00126

Date of construction: 1851 - 1853

The massive building erected at the beginning of the past century (1851-1853) initially served as dwellings for a part of the Alba Iulia garrison staff. Its official name was the Officers’ Pavilion, but because those living here came from all over the Empire, the building received the unofficial name of "Babylon". The building has a U shaped plan, with a main side 100 m long and two wings forming an inner courtyard. The main entrance is marked by a stone archway, with ample arcades supported by three massive pillars. A terrace lays in the superior part, framed by railings adorned with vegetal motifs.

The balanced arrangement of the architectural masses with the lateral wings in a jutty, the archway of the main entrance, the orderly succession of openings and the plastic richness of the facades (the bossages, the borders, the cornices, the arches, the attic, the corner towers) bestow upon this building the value of the most important Romantic architecture monument in the city. Since 1968 it hosts the National Museum of the Unification, hosting a valuable architectural and historical collection.


No. 12-14, Mihai Viteazul Street.


Tuesday-Sunday, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Entry fee: 8 lei adults, 4 lei pupils, students and retired persons.

Photo fee: 15 lei

Guided tour of the interior: 24 lei

Guided tour through the citadel: 100 lei