Camil Velican House

Camil Velican House

COD LMI: AB-II-m-B-00144

Date of construction: inc. sec. XX

no. 11, Trandafirilor Street

The building was erected at the beginning of the 20th century. Even if the edifice does not excel through its architectural value, the house has a symbolic value due to the fact that Camil Velican, the first Romanian mayor of Alba Iulia, lived here. Born in Târgu Mureș on 1878, he was the son of lawyer Alexandru Velican and Maria Târlea. He studied at the primary school in Alba Iulia and went to high school in Blaj. His university studies in Cluj and Budapest allowed him to join the Bar of Alba Iulia in 1903. He was a member of the National Romanian Party and after he returned from the front in Italy, he came to Alba Iulia where he was co-opted in the Romanian National Council. As such, he actively participated in the preparations for the Great Assembly in Alba Iulia on December 1, 1918. Moreover, his house became one of the locations set to receive delegations and front-ranking people in Ardeal in view of organizing the Great Assembly. Also, it was here where the establishment meeting of the Steering Committee took place, witnessing the pledge of faith to the Great National Council which will function here until December 4, when it moved to Sibiu. As an acknowledgment of his organizational skills and merits, he was appointed mayor of the city of Alba Iulia on December 3, thus becoming the first Romanian mayor in Ardeal after December 1, 1918. He succeeded in taking over the state institutions and the museum in a short time, displaying a distinct concern for heritage. Between 1922 and 1926 he was the Prefect and in this quality he organized the festivities for the Coronation in October 1922.

He was awarded numerous decorations and medals due to his activity: the Order Ferdinand I, the Crown of Romania – the Commander’s Cross, the Star of Romania in the rank of Officer, the Eagle, the Reward for Work – first class and the Commercial and Cultural Order of Merit. He passed away in 1937, at the age of 58.